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After graduating with a Fine Art Degree many years ago painting became my life.  I have been a professional artist now for over 30 years, exhibiting nationally in a variety of galleries including solo shows at The Biscuit Factory, The Mall Galleries in London, The Leith Gallery in Edinburgh and The Red rag Gallery in Worcestershire. In 2003 & 2004 I was an exhibitor in “The Not The Turner Prize” in London and won the Peoples Award in the 2004 open Art Exhibition at the DLI Art Gallery in Durham.
I love the fact my paintings are collected internationally too, often finding homes in exciting places. In 2006 Sam Mendes bought two of my large seascapes as a present for his then wife, Kate Winslett who had just finished filming the Titanic!.
I take inspiration from my beloved North East Coastline and from the sense of something more powerful when we connect with the sea.
Lately I have created a series of fantasy illustrations that will all be part of a series of books I am currently working on! Each of the little images will have their own chapter in a book bringing to life my imaginary worlds.
My flowers series is a new project too and will no doubt develop as I find the time to explore colour and light with such a beautiful subject for inspiration.
I don't exhibit in galleries at the moment  but do take part in Art Fairs and I am a regular  at our wonderful Iconic Tynemouth Market selling my work from a stall both Saturday and Sunday every weekend. If you are interested in commissioning a painting  or just simply would like to see where I will be with my work please feel free to contact me directly.
Painting is my life, to create something that connects with others is a joy. 


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